Boonsboro Cemetery encourages you to consider purchasing burial plots in advance. The passing of a loved one is such a difficult time and it is easier on the families and others involved when as many decisions as possible regarding a funeral and burial are made ahead of time.

Boonsboro Cemetery is an historic place, but also fully able to serve the current and future needs of the community. We have room for expansion and, assuming a consistent rate of demand, will have burial plots to offer for many years into the future.

We offer help with coordinating the following services:

• Family Grave Sites – Offered in 4 or 8 burial plot groups and accommodating one upright monument per site (may also be a footstone or marker for each interment/gravesite.)

• 2 Grave Plots – Footstones (flat markers) are offered in the Cemetery for 2-grave plots. In section D, located in the Cemetery's southwest section, 2-grave lots may be purchased for that section only with one upright monument centered on on the lot.

• Single Grave Plots – 1 grave plots may accommodate footstones (flat markers) and are located in our Memorial section of the Cemetery.

• Mausoleum – Built in 1919, our present Mausoleum's crypts have all been purchased by families. Our long range plans call for the possibility of constructing a garden style mausoleum/columbarium.

• Foundations for Monuments – We will provide a foundation for monuments.

• Opening/Closing Gravesites

• Maintenance of Grounds

• Assistance in coordinating burial services

Contact us regarding pricing for the above services at or by calling Cemetery Secretary Agent, Deena Long at 301.667.9592.                     

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